Reviewing the best natural energy products of 2022

Devin Stone


In 2011, I graduated UC Riverside with a degree in medical biology and my world in health began. At this time, I started a well-known integrative medicine clinic in Hollywood, CA. Here, I have had the opportunity to work with many athletes, celebrities, and many overall amazing people. During this time, I furthered my education by pursuing a masters level education in Regenerative Medicine from University Utrecht, Netherlands. Later I went on to obtain other certificates in fields such as nutrition, cancer biology, alternative medicine, drugless medicine, and more.


After working in Hollywood for almost a decade and helping thousands of patients in our clinics I decided I needed to take my professional development one step further. I decided to go back to medical school and study to become a doctor. In 2022 I have now completed my degree and will be expanding my care to more patients. With trainings in natural based and conventional treatments it has allowed me to provide root cause level care to my patients.



Physicians Choice Award

Limitless by bioReigns
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1. Limitless

by bioReigns

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What are Nootropics?

Whether you need to increase your concentration or boost brain power, stress resistance, or mental performance, cognitive supplements (also known as nootropics) have become extremely popular in 2022.  A nootropic stack uses a blend of cognition boosting ingredients that work together in a safe and complimentary way to enhance all areas of mental performance and recovery.

What is Limitless and what does it do?

Limitless is a supplement that delivers a suite of neuron-supporting ingredients quickly and efficiently to your cells. It supports optimal thinking, learning, concentration and memory so you’ll be at the top of your game throughout the day.

Limitless provides support for brain function (neurons) to improve energy, clarity, and focus. Our unique RapidCell Technology nutrient delivery system ensures optimal absorption to improve energy, concentration, and focus.

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